"You’re the lowest of the low. Your stance leaves you wide open, and your moves are totally inefficient. All in all your fighting style is a mess. I swear, you are the most undisciplined fighter I’ve ever known.. and the only one I wasn’t able to kill."

wtf i can’t believe i forgot to post this i rly like how it turned out. i love my stupid weeby vampire boy.


New Digimon Adventure Sequel has been announced for Spring 2015!

The new anime is set slighly in the future: Taichi and the original Chosen Children are around seventeen and in high school. This is merely an announcement trailer and shows no new footage or information. Happy Odaiba Day!

Heads up: This anime will probably not be called Adventure 03. The “02” in the first sequel was referencing the year the story took place, 2002; the fact that it was the second season was merely coincidence!

#9 Asuka


Thanks everyone who sent me asks! I really need the practice uwu


OC doodle I started while on phone with a friend earlier hehe

Liam what are you so excite about???


Mai Shiranui

HeroesCon 2014 sketch

Mai is a ridiculous ninja babe, but you can’t not have her in her classic outfit.  I toned down the t&a as best I could - just a little more realism and muscle going on.


so much madokas on my dash


i’ve wanted to do this for 253453094 years

my dumb friend reminded me how bad trip’s route is in reconnect today and I started feeling bad for Aoba so I drew him wearing the horrible outfit I’m wearing today.


i got a surprise in the mail today


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